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Social Store App - Enterprise

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Its Emma & Ryan Powell here (yes husband & wife team) and we are seasoned internet marketers & software developers.

We’re the creators of the renowned WP Store Press, which sold 1000’s of copies and helped 1000’s of people take their Amazon marketing to the next level. And we’re back with something so game changing, something so special we’re certain it will blow your socks off….

But before we get into that let me ask you a few questions…

Have you been struggling with FB marketing?

Have you failed to make a FULL TIME income with Amazon?

Have you always wanted to get 100% FREE VIRAL BUYER traffic to your Amazon offers with hordes of people desperate to buy what you’re selling?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions I need you to keep reading as we have something which will completely blow your mind….

Last year (2013) we sold a beautiful ecommerce theme called “WP Store Press”. Our customers loved it and we were overwhelmed with the amount of success stories we received, but we knew we needed to get back into the lab and create something that would surpass WP StorePress….and that’s EXACTLY what we did.

From our own campaigns and tests we knew that Facebook and Amazon was the PERFECT combination in order to make simple, quick and handsfree recurring income. But we didn’t want to pay for ads...we wanted Facebook users to do the work for us….we wanted our offers and stores to GO VIRAL….

So we did some testing…...then some more….AND WE FINALLY REACHED OUR GOAL!

With FaceBook being the ultimate selling platform AND Amazon being THE best money making platform on the Internet we found that the combination of Facebook and Amazon allowed us to….

Remember, money loves speed - and you need a speedy solution for a fast paced business to get your store inside Facebook”

So what if I told you we came up with a way that you could create a store inside FaceBook in the next 4 minutes with none of the technical headache whatsoever


Social Store App

  • Web Based Software

    Because Social Store App is web based there is no compatibility issues, nothing to install and you can use it on any computer or device anywhere.

  • Facebook + Amazon

    Put the two GIANTS of the internet together and see the fast profits you can bring in week after week – no need to create ANY products at all. Get Social Store App Now Before the Christmas RUSH.

  • No Domains Or SSL

    Your viral Amazon store does not require you to purchase any domains or any hosting. SSA already has all the SSL certificates set up for your convenience.

  • “How To Profit” Training

    Elite training on how to pick a buying niche, create insane engagement, and drive viral sales. If you’ve never sold an Amazon affiliate product before, this is what you need.

Click “Play” To See How You’ll Create A Store In Minutes

Check Out The Success We’ve Had

With Social Store App:

All of this passion and engagement leads to CASH. $329 in Amazon commissions in 7 days
All from brand new fan pages with under 1000 fans we started to see the first Amazon commissions & now you can too!

Earnings after 1 week on a very small fan page!

You can have this working for you in 4 minutes from now.

If You Want To Make Money On Facebook, And Have All But Given Up... Here's Hope!

Social Store App Forces Your Amazon Affiliate Links To Go Viral That’s How You Profit Big Especially This Christmas Season!

You’ll do it in 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Pick A Niche & Create Your Store

You’ll receive training on how to pick a unique buyer niche guaranteed… NO guesswork at all. Then all you’ll have to do is click “Create Store”. Couldn’t be easier.

Step 2: Choose From 25 Gorgeous Templates

These templates are beautifully designed to flow with any Facebook Fanpage. Upload your own custom text and logo with one click of your mouse.

Step 3: Connect with Amazon

Enter your Amazon credentials so that all products are automatically pre-loaded with your affiliate information to guarantee you get paid with no technical hassle.

Step 4: Choose Products

Type a keyword and Social Store App will generate relevant Amazon products you’ll sell in your store. Select as many products as you want and they’ll automatically be added to your store.

Step 5: Customize Your Facebook Tab

Select from 25 done-for-you Facebook tab graphics or upload your own so that fans can easily access your Facebook store.

Step 6: Make Your Store Live

Connect your store to your Facebook Fanpage and click “Add Page Live.” In 4 minutes or less, your Facebook store, loaded full of in-demand and selling products, is online!

Social Store App Facts:

  • Monetize Facebook Fanpages you already have in 4 minutes from now
  • Access exclusive niche-selection training to penetrate even more buying niches
  • Make multiple pages to maximise the Christmas sales and rush
  • Thousands of dollars in graphics are done-for-you and included
  • Everything is point-and-click, no technical experience necessary
  • Create Unlimited Stores with unlimited products
  • Forget about the hassle of creating winning T-shirts
  • Forget about the hassle of Facebook ads
  • Sell unlimited products without ever creating a product
  • Mac and PC compatible with nothing to download and nothing to install
  • No domain or SSL certificates needed

    BYour Viral Amazon store does not require you to purchase any domains or any hosting as this is a web based app. Social Store App already has all the SSL certificates set up for your convenience

  • MAC/PC Compatible

    Because Social Store App is web based there is no compatibility issues and you can use it on any computer or device.

  • Nothing To Install

    There is absolutely nothing for you to install, everything is web based and is point and click easy to set up in the next 4 minutes

Social Store App is designed to make your affiliate links VIRAL:

Facebook sharing - Making Your affiliate links viral

Share on your own timeline, a friends, in a group on a page or in a private message. This share has a picture to display the product and is embedded with your affiliate link

Pin products to gain more traffic from social sharing on Pinterest

Tweet about products that you love

Customise the tweet or use the one that the store provides (with your affiliate link back to the product)

There Are Customers On Facebook Now Looking For Presents For Loved Ones This Christmas - Now You Make It Easy For Them To Buy From Your Affiliate Link!

Its actually the fun way to make money on Facebook!

Leverage Amazon’s 25.59 Billion
Into Your Commission Account!

It’s NEVER been easier to make Amazon affiliate sales.

Social Store App handles all of the hassles of getting your affiliate links in front of a captive, engaged audience…

…AND it drives viral engagement throughout Facebook, the world’s biggest social network.

The result? The quickest, easiest affiliate sales you’ve ever made.

So instead of struggling with creating products like Teeshirts…

Instead of spending hours creating Facebook pages in the hopes of finding one winner… We show you EXACTLY how we do it and get results every single time!

Setup Social Store App in 4 minutes…. Watch your Amazon Affiliate links spread throughout Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest… and watch the commissions hit your account with ease.

Because with Amazon, you don’t have to worry about conversion.

People buy from Amazon without a second thought. Most people even have “1-click” ordering… which means they don’t even have to re-enter their credit card information.

You send them to a product they want… they click “buy”… and you earn the commission.

Doesn’t that make way more sense than fussing over creating products and trying to force sales?

Of course it does.

And now you can leverage that conversion-power without any technical hassle of creating a store or setting up affiliate links, Social Store App will do it all for you in minutes from now – so get pumped and excited.

Act Now And Cash In On Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Last year Amazon reported selling 47 items a second on Cyber Monday.

47 Items a second At Christmas Sales Rush Time -

How’d you like to get a piece of those insane sales with more ease than ever before?

That’s exactly what you’re getting today with Social Store App.

If you’ve always wanted to make Amazon Affiliate sales… but have had trouble generating traffic, and you haven’t made as much money as you want… you simply must try Social Store App now because it has been painstakingly designed to change the game for good.

ESPECIALLY with Cyber Monday right around the corner.

So you know that people buy from Amazon without a second thought…

But did you know that Facebook is the absolute best social media platform to sell products on?

And you’ll have all of Facebook’s sharing & selling power… Pumping your Amazon affiliate links all throughout the Internet… In just 4 minutes from now with Social Store App & make a killing in Affiliate commissions this Christmas and well into 2015!

The viral power of Facebook + The conversion power of Amazon + The ease, speed and efficiency of Social Store App = Profit in your pocket

What You’ll Get With Social Store App

Act now and avoid monthly fees!

Grand opening launch special ONLY.

  • No Monthy Fee's For The Launch Period

    Once the 5 day launch phase is over we will be switching Social Store App over to a monthly subscription. If you choose to take the offer today you are grand fathered in for life with a one time payment.

  • No Domains Needed And No Hosting Fees EVER

    We Take care of all the hosting and the domains. All you need is an Amazon account that is easy to get and free and also a FaceBook account

  • 25 Plus Built In Page Templates

    25 professionally designed page template so that your pages look AMAZING!

The Best Time To Start
Is Right Now

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  • Enterprise



    200 Fanpage Stores

    Social Store App - Enterprise
Social Store App - Enterprise

To your success,

P.S You have nothing to lose here, you are literally saving hours and hours of time and hundreds of dollars by using Social Store App to create viral stores

P.P.S If you want better ROI, click through rates and sales from your Facebook Fan page and save a lot of time without the technical headache then you need Social Store App - Download it today!

P.P.S Remember this is a 5 day launch ending on 19th November then the price is increasing (yes it really is!) If you visit this page after the 19th November you will see a much higher price, this is a opening special never to be repeated again


1) How is this different from any other WP/Amazon theme?

Social Store App there is nothing to install, no hosting, no domains, its strictly viral social store.

2) Do I need any graphics to get started?

Nope nothing, there are 25 store templates included and also XXX custom tabs in a variety of colours and different text on them

3) I don't know what niche to go after that will buy, do you show that?

Yes I show you exactly how to pick a niche to sell to and also explain why my process is so unique and WORKS

4) Do you offer support?

Yes, we have several support staff if you do need assistance you can log a ticket -->

5) I have a fan page will this work for me?

Yes you can add Social Store App to any existing fan page you currently have

6) I am a Kindle author and want a store with just my books - is that possible?

Yes it certainly is, choose the exact products you want on your fan page. Choose as many or as little as you want, its complete up to you

7) What exactly do I need to get my store up and going?

You really only need you Amazon secret key and AWS access keys to generate products from Amazon (inside the Software) then you need a fanpage to publish you store too

8) How long do you think it will take to create a store?

Literally 10 minutes tops

9) Do you have a refund policy?

We here at Social Store App we believe in offering fair products, for fair price at fair terms. By fair terms we mean that we are not misrepresenting this product and expect our customers, who we know to be serious internet marketers, to honor that. We know our product works and does exactly what it says on this page, with a full demo walkthrough and display of options and members area - so if you find a problem that we are not able to solve within 30 days we will refund you the full purchase price