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With Amazon Power Pick you know EXACTLY what you're doing with every click, with every product, with every store you build. There is no more guess work, there is no more doubt - just certainty. The CERTAINTY that your efforts get rewarded, that every hour you put in leads to hundreds of sales throughout the whole year. In just a few clicks the blind journey in the maze of product-picking will turn into a powerful, confident walk in the park.

The 3-Step Formula To Power-Picking Amazon Products

Enter your niche keyword (e.g. Christmas)

APP returns a complete list of POWER keywords along with their search volumes

APP returns a complete list of POWER keywords along with their search volumes

you will get a list of keywords people search for on Amazon and on Google, together with their corresponding search volumes, ordered so that you can choose only the ones which you KNOW will generate sales

For each keyword, APP will also give you the Amazon products for your SSA store - the keywords come with ready-to-import product lists which work with SSA, so you can go from research to selling in less than 30 seconds

WITHOUT Amazon Power Pick

  • Put 100 stores up, make $0 sales
  • Throw 1000 products in there, HOPE 1 is a winner
  • Poor products have tons of (second-)guessing behind them
  • Build more stores to hopefully make your first dollar
  • Waste time

WITH Amazon Power Pick

  • With each store, more money
  • KNOW exactly what to sell
  • Top Selling products have Powerful keywords behind them
  • Build more stores to set yourself free
  • Make money

Amazon Power Pick is an automated blueprint for choosing your profitable Amazon keywords and products in BULK.

Answer me this….

If your worst Amazon store sold $100 per month and your best sold $5000 per month, just how many social stores would you build with the RIGHT target market?

This is completly scaleable and this is the fastest way there

Are you in?